More info on Magientists' "powers"

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More info on Magientists' "powers"

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Message par Txulu » 25 févr. 2020, 09:46

Hi all, I just finished reading Universe (Travles will follow now) and i find the Magientists' section a bit lacking, with just a few artifacts to use. Given the amount of details the game goes into pointing out how much Magiscience is changing traditional ways, does not a Magientist PC fall a bit short? Apart from extracting and refining flux, there's very few items to be used, compared to the level of detail in the Temple and Demorthen's miracles and oghams. How do you manage that in your campaigns? is there any other source of info for Magientists' "powers"?

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Re: More info on Magientists' "powers"

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Message par DerHuthmacher » 04 mars 2020, 15:17

Hi Txulu,

as of yet, this faction is lacking.
We hope to shed more light onto them in future supplements.
In the mean, work with your players to create some items yourselves. Looking at what already exists, this should not be too hard.

Also, have a look at this thread:


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Re: More info on Magientists' "powers"

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Message par StripelessTiger » 28 nov. 2020, 04:34

I agree that it does need fleshed out. There are supplements to other factions like Monastery of Tuath for the Temple that adds things like Vows and additional abilities. I'm sure it will get expanded in the future.

However, Magientists are largely an artificer class and their Magience, Science, and Craft are primarily how they create devices and excavate Flux. Flux is the fuel created by extracting and refining Crude Flux. Artifact is a device powered by Flux. Seems simple enough.

The only thing I feel there is currently no rules for is the cult that uses their own bodies as Flux batteries and drugs up cause of the pain is causes. I'd love to make one of these "cyborgs" but I don't even know how it would work. They are less of a spellcasting class like the other two (Demorthen and Priest), but I can assume that this subclass might work similar to a spellcaster, having a Flux charge innate to their body, a magic pool like Rindath/Exaltation.

Anyway, here is what I pulled from the books, compiled and tweaked for your ease of use. It was honestly everything I could find. Keep in mind, a Magientist feels like he needs ALOT of Disciplines to be good at his craft, which is true, so some might have to start out buying their flux or focusing on one type of craft or artifact/tool until they can learn the others.


Raw Materials
Magience domain specialization "Discipline: Flux Knowledge" to locate.
Crude Flux needs to be extracted before it can be refined.
Fossil Flux does not require Extraction.

Magience domain specialization "Discipline: Flux Extraction".
Failing Operations of extraction can result.

Magience domain specialization "Discipline: Flux Refining".
Must have at least 1 point in Craft or Science domain.
Produces toxic refuse.

Magience of 5 and the associated Discipline is required for most things, but you can supplement other Domains if you don't have the Discipline, as long as you have at least 1 in Magience.

Popular Artifacts
These devices do not require a Switching On roll. These are considered “Auto”.

Complex Artifacts
If no Artifact Use, use Magience instead. Must have Magience of 5, or higher danger of malfunction and harm. Once a Magientist has Switched On a device, he no longer has to make the roll in the future.

Artifact Fighting
I assume this can be taught without being a Magience discipline, instead it could be Close Combat since alot of artifact weapons can be "auto" and used by non-magientists.

Discipline | Magientist requirement | Non-Magientist req (at least 1 Magience rating)
  • Artifact Fighting: None OR Close Combat, Shooting/Throwing, Occultism
  • Artifact Repair: Magience 5 OR Science (plus 1 point in Craft)
  • Artifact Use / Switching On: Magience 5 OR Craft, Science, Occultism
  • Magientist Tool: Magience 5 OR Craft, Science, Occultism
  • Magientist Machinery: Magience 5 OR Craft, Science
Type | Required Domain/Discipline | Difficulty
  • Simple Object: Base Craft or related Discipline (DC11)
  • Potions, Tonics, Poisons: Herbalism, Science, Alchemy (DC14)
  • Artifacts (including Repair): Magience, Science (DC14)
  • Weapons, Armor: Smithing, Leathercraft, Woodworking (DC17)
  • Jewelry: Metalworking, Mining (DC17)
  • Houses, Wagons, Furniture: Woodworking, Stonemasonry (DC20)
“What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence.”