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Discussions around the universe of Esteren and its English series of books.
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Forum Shadows of Esteren’s Universe: Read more

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Message par Esteren » 29 sept. 2012, 13:20

This section of the forum is dedicated to discussions around Esteren’s universe. It will include the latest news: calendar, events, and so on. You can, among other things, ask questions concerning the game universe and the series of books, tell about your characters, share your background short stories, submit your creations of places, legends, etc.

:!: This forum must remain spoiler-free. A spoiler is defined as anything that might reveal secrets of the game, the contents of scenarios, etc. The moderators will be ruthless about this matter.

Shadows of Esteren is a game of secrets. Revealing the secrets prematurely may spoil the Players’ pleasure. A private section dedicated to discussions about what goes on behind the scenes, and exclusive to game leaders, is accessible on request to the moderators. Here you can submit your scenarios and game aids which will only be read by Leaders.

Finally, be sure to take note of the forum’s rules by clicking here.

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