Presentation of the English forum + set the default language

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Introductions, questions, looking for players, the Esteren Tour, event announcements, contests...
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Presentation of the English forum + set the default language

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Message par Esteren » 29 sept. 2012, 12:21

Welcome to the English section of Shadows of Esteren’s official forum!

We have decided to include the English-language version of the forum in the original version of the forum in French. The aim is to create a cosmopolitan forum where gamers from all parts of the world can meet and exchange ideas. Let’s chat about our gaming styles, role-playing in different countries, and so on. We can share our passion for Shadows of Esteren’s universe, whatever country we live in!

:arrow: When you arrive, take the time to introduce yourself in this international thread:

:idea: You can set the default language to English here:
User Control Panel / Board preferences / My Language / Bristish english

(Panneau de contrôle de l'utilisateur / Préférences du forum / Ma langue / British english)

This space is provided to allow you to exchange your impressions on Shadows of Esteren’s universe. It is composed of several sections:
  • The Red Dog Inn: Introductions, questions, looking for players, the Esteren Tour, event announcements, contests...
    Farl’s Library: Downloads, scenarios, and official game aids in English.
    Shadows of Esteren’s Universe: Discussions about the universe of Esteren and the series of books.
    The Game System: Questions and discussions about the game system.
    The Secrets of Esteren: This forum is private and is for Game Leaders only. We talk about secrets, exchange scenarios... To access the forum, you must make a request to the moderators. For more information, take a look here.
The authors and the publisher visit this forum, and will be pleased to answer your questions whenever possible.

The Forum Rules

Each member of the forum accepts the rules by registering. Moreover, this internal charter must be respected:
  • 1) Do not use SMS language, and show respect for the English language.
    2) Respect and courtesy are both capital guidelines. The moderators will be strict on this point. If you have a problem with a user, please write a PM.
    3) Do not communicate spoilers about the contents exclusive to Shadows of Esteren’s Game Leaders (scenarios, secrets, etc.) except in the appropriate section (The Secrets of Esteren).
    4) You can talk about anything in the Inn so long as it is related to the universe of Esteren: books, movies, various sources of inspiration, etc.
    5) For announcements related to role-playing, and news on the role-playing community:
    6) For anything off-topic:
    7) If you post a picture, it should be no more than 600 pixels wide.
The moderators will ensure that these guidelines are respected. If you encounter any problems, please contact the moderators.

Welcome all, and enjoy this forum!

The Team
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