Interview ADELIANE at UKGE & tickets to win Spiel concert

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Interview ADELIANE at UKGE & tickets to win Spiel concert

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Message par Rolistespod » 22 sept. 2017, 18:04

Check the latest episode of The Rolistes Podcast for an interviews including François Rousselot, composer of the Shadows of Esteren album Adeliane, and the singer Clarisse May.

Also there's a chance to win tickets for the Adeliane concert in Essen at Spiel.

"The third part of our UK Games Expo episode is out!

This one has quite a French touch with contributions from enthusiastic team members of two BIG tabletop RPG publishers from the Hexagon (it means France) :

- Agate RPG (Shadows of Esteren, Dragons - La Tétralogie)

- Black Book Éditions (Polaris RPG, Héros & Dragons, Casus Belli Magazine, Donjons & Dragons FR, Pathfinder RPG FR...)

With also a music composer François Rousselot Compositeur, a singer Clarissa May, and Benjamin Loomes from Syrinscape ... ames-expo/