Lets Play Shadows of Esteren 5:00 PM EST time

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Lets Play Shadows of Esteren 5:00 PM EST time

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Message par Ocule » 04 févr. 2015, 19:10

So I know its kind of odd timing with another channel doing the same thing but I have also had in the works a lets play of shadows of esteren on youtube. This is my first ever video so i cannot promise it will even be all that good but i will give it my best. I will be streaming to my new channel Campfire Tales Gaming a session of Loch Varn with a group who has not really played the game before. Should anyone be interested in watching I will be streaming live as we play for a game. As of right now it will just be until the end of the scenario and then there may be discussions of continuing on in a long term campaign format.

Here is a link to the channel, so come join us by the fire.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrGOKc ... elp_flow=3