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Message par DavidCastle » 04 avr. 2022, 14:47

Hi. I got hold of the game through the latest Kickstarter and having now read the core book I am beginning to think about running the game later this year. I am kind of curious that although the game seemed very well received when it first came out, and the Kickstarters were pretty successful, the game doesn't seem to have much of a presence in the Anglophone world - these boards are pretty quiet, and there doesn't seem to be much of an online presence for the game elsewhere either. Am I missing something? Is most of the activity happening in French? Maybe my expectations are too high - my main reference points are Glorantha where there is a huge amount of fan activity, and Ars Magica, where the publisher stopped supporting the game with supplements seven years ago because demand was so low, and yet the forums, Discord, Facebook page, etc are very active. Is Shadows of Esteren a game that is bought much more than it is played?