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Barbarian Prince
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Re: Introduction of the Members

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Message par Barbarian Prince » 28 sept. 2018, 18:17

Hello everyone,

I just found out about Shadows of Esteren by pure chance a couple of days ago and was hooked! I was lucky enough to find the rule and source books on ebay. So hopefully I can get in touch with some players in my area (in the southwest of Germany, near Mannheim).

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Re: Introduction of the Members

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Message par Clovis » 04 oct. 2018, 01:19

Hello Barbarian Prince! Good on you for getting such a good opportunity. I hope you'll enjoy yourself!
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Re: Introduction of the Members

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Message par WastebineProductions » 23 nov. 2018, 19:46

Hello! We are a group of people who discovered Shadows of Esteren this past summer at GenCon 2018. We were immediately set on producing an actual play of it. Per Iris, who recommended we come on here to share with you all our project love passion, here we are!

Me specifically, I am Mycah, I am from Kansas City, Missouri, and I am the social media manager for Wastebin Productions. I'm also a player in the campaign we are launching, the writer of all original music we will be using alongside the Shadows of Esteren official music, and the artist for all original campaign art. Next week December 1st, Shining in Shadow, our actual play podcast of Shadows of Esteren will launch. If you have ever been interested in listening to an actual play homebrew game of Shadows of Esteren, you might enjoy this!

Here is a link to our trailer for the season, which is intended to be an extensive long campaign.

Unfortunately I do not speak French, so if anyone would be willing to assist me with an accurate translation to post in the French introduction thread of the forums I would very much appreciate it!

Thanks and we look forward to hanging out on here and discussing this amazing game!

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Re: Introduction of the Members

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Message par Iris » 26 nov. 2018, 11:09

Hello Wastebine !

Happy to see you here :)

You may also be interested in the discord to get in contact with players of different countries :)

I can try to translate your message, but I'm quite sure I will make some little mistakes ^^

Hope you have a good time by playing and preparing your videos ! :)
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