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par Wangalade
16 févr. 2019, 05:20
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Sujet : Equipment by profession
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Equipment by profession

At the end of character creation on page 218 the book says if the players don't want to spend time determining their starting equipment the PC has 'the minimum equipment necessary to his profession' and 2d10 azure daols. I can't find anywhere where it talks about the equipment each prefession might ...
par Wangalade
27 janv. 2019, 03:06
Forum : Esteren's Universe
Sujet : Road Map of Tri-Kazel
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Road Map of Tri-Kazel

I just started a game, and made a map of Tri-Kazel showing the distances on the roads between different locations. You can find a brief summary of the game session and a jpg of the map on my blog